It was bound to happen....Go to http://www.draub.com/ to see the new and improved D.Raub's Graphics Zone. This site may still be updated, but not as frequently as the new one.

02-06-2001 - Preproduction begins on "Nightmare on Elm Tree"...the sequel to the animation "Far from the Tree".

My galleries is a collection of some of the personal graphics work that I have done. The galleries are all categorized with thumbnails. The pictures have been done mostly in my favorite 3D program (Bryce) but lately I've been getting busy in GIMP as well :)

Latest Image: "Angels at sea" (Misc)

The first wave of Material Downloads is now available. Soon there will be Skies and Objects, as well as more materials.

Woohoo! Recently I've been honored with some awards for my images.

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