Gallery:  GIMP Fractal Art
My favorite 2D graphics app (The GIMP) has this great filter called "Fractal Explorer" (Filters > Render > Pattern > Fractal Explorer). I've seen a lot of "Fractal Art" that has knocked my socks off...and now I'm taking a shot at some myself. Could've these been included in the "Abstract Gallery"? I suppose...but I feel a compulsive need to separate the two.

Note: These files will take a little longer to load than images from other galleries. This is due to the resolution of these images being 1024x768.
Title: "Forest Fire" (1024x768)
File:  forest_fire.jpg
Title: "Artifact" (1024x768)
File:  artifact.jpg
Title: "Mandelbrot's Nightmare" (1024x768)
File:  mandelbrots_nightmare.jpg
Title: "Spider" (1024x768)
File:  spider.jpg
Title: "Squid" (1024x768)
File:  squid.jpg

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